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Our home and Wiltshire's only Standard Gauge Heritage Railway.

GSN steam paddle ship being restored in Kent

Bullied Locomotives

Based on the Bluebell Railway, Sussex.

WC No. 21C123, Blackmoor Vale
BB No. 34059, Sir Archibald Sinclair (R)

Based on the Swanage Railway, Dorset.

WC No. 34010, Sidmouth (R)
WC No. 34028, Eddystone (R)
BB No. 34070, Manston
BB No. 34072, 257 Squadron
BB No. 34053, Sir Keith Park (R)

Based on the Mid-Hants Railway, Hampshire.

MN No. 35005, Canadian Pacific (R)
WC No. 34105, Swanage

WC No. 34007, Wadebridge
BB No. 34058, Sir Frederick Pile (R)

Based on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, Gloucestershire.

MN No. 35006, Peninsular & Orient S.N.Co (R)

Based on the East Lancashire Railway, Bury, Lancashire.

MN No. 35009, Shaw Savill

Based on the Colne Valley Railway, Essex.

MN No. 35010, Blue Star

Based at Carnforth, Lancashire.

MN No. 35018, British India Line
WC No. 34016, Bodmin (R)
BB No. 34067, Tangmere
BB No. 34073, 249 Squadron

Based at the Crewe works.

MN No. 35022, Holland America Line
MN No. 35027, Port Line
WC No. 34046, Braunton (R)

Based at Sellindge, Kent

MN No. 35025, Brocklebank Line

The National Railway Museum, York.

MN No. 35027, Ellerman Lines (Sectioned)
BB No. 34051, Sir Winston Churchill
Q1 No. 33001

Based at Stewarts Lane, London.

MN No. 35028, Clan Line

Based on the Severn Valley Railway, Worcestershire.

WC No. 34027, Taw Valley (R)

Based on the Great Central Railway, Leicestershire.

WC No. 34039, Boscastle (R)

Based on the Nene Valley Railway, Peterborough.

BB No. 34081, 92 Squadron

Based on the East Lancashire Railway, Bury.

WC No. 34092, City of Wells

Based on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Yorkshire.

WC No. 34101, Hartland (R)

Member of the Heritage Railway Association and Bulleid Pacific Locomotive Association

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