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History of 21c11 / 35011 and Archive Articles

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History of 21c11 / 35011

For the background and history of 21c11 / 35011 from introduction in 1944 right up to the present day see our History page here  

The naming of 21c11 20th February 1945

Being the first of the second series of ten Merchant Navys built the naming of 21c11 General Steam Navigation Southern Railway Magazine  on the 20th February 1945 attracted attention. Click the links below to see the Southern Railway Ceremony Leaflet for attendees and also read about the ceremony reported in both the Souther Railway Magazine and also Modern Transport magazine.

Southern Mixed Traffic Locomotives "Merchant Navy Class" Naming Cermony of "General Steam Navigation" at Waterlo Station Tuesday 20th February 1945 - Attendees leaflet

Southern Railway Magazine - General Stream Navigation joins "Merchant Navy" Class - First of new series of Express Locomotives - March 1945 issue

Modern Transport Magaine - New Series of Southern Railway Pacific Locomotives, General Steam Navigation, Naming Ceremony at Waterloo - 3rd March 1945 issue

Southern Railway Magazine - Victory in Europe edition - May 1945

Our very own 21c11 featured on the front cover of the VE Day May 1945 edition of the Southern Railway Magazine see the relevant pages here

35011 at Nine Elms - A Merchant Navy pacifics finest hour - Alan Newman

Alan Newman was a Nine Elms Engineman between 1962 and 1967, he has kindly allowed us to reproduce his article 

"35011 at Nine Elms "Just another day doing the best job in the world, with the finest steam locomotives ever built" 

Read this extraordinary achivement by 35011 here

35011 the first Merchant Navy on the Somerset and Dorset 

Read a number of articles about 35011 appearances on the Somerset and Dorset in 1966