Bulleid Cab and Fittings

The Bulleid Merchant Navy Cab and Fittings

The Bulleid cab gave a better standard of comfort and protection for the engine crew than almost any other British locomotive then running. Electric lighting was installed with headlamps at front and rear, lights under the casing over the wheels and lights in the cab, and independent lighting fittings for the reverser, water gauges and injectors all supplied from a Stones steam electric generator. 

The layout of the footplate controls was arranged so that all the fittings in frequent use by the driver were placed on the left hand side, and those used by the fireman on the right hand side. For example; controls for both sets of water injectors were on the firemans side whereas on most other locomotives one set would be on the driver's side.  A steam operated firedoor was provided for the first time in British practice that enabled the fireman to open the door at the press of a pedal. 

  1. Regulator handle 
  2. Steam reversing gear - control lever
  3. Steam reversing gear - settign indicator
  4. Steam reversing gear - clutch control
  5. Steam reversing gear - lubricator
  6. Steam reversing gear - steam supply valve
  7. Boiler steam pressure gauge
  8. Boiler steam pressure gauge - cut off valve
  9. Steam chest pressure gauge
  10. Water level gauges (2)  isolation valves (4) and gauge protectors 
  11. Ejector steam supply valve
  12. Ejector and vacuum brake control
  13. Duplex vacuum gauge
  14. Engine steam brake control
  15. Whistle cord hand grips
  16. Blower valve
  17. Steam heating supply valve
  18. Steam heating pressure gauge

19. Steam heating pressure relief valve

20. Live steam injectors' steam supply valves (2)

21. Steam and water cock controls for injectors (4 wheels)

22. Cylinder lubricating atomiser steam supply valve

23. Lubricating oil pressure gauges

24. Axlebox lubricating oil boxes

25. Steam standing valve and driver's extension lever

26. Electric steam generator steam supply valve

27. Steam operated firedoor steam supply valve

28. Firedoor operating cylinder

29. Firedoor operating cylinder inlet valve

30. Firedoor operating cylinder drain cock

31. Firedoor operating cylinder control pedal 

32. Firedoor manual operating lever

33. Coal slacking hose water valve

34. Tender spray valve

35. Ash pan damper control (rebuilt only) 

36. Speed recordeer (when fitted)  

Cab fittings for 21c11/35011 General Steam Navigation

Since the start of the project thanks to the kind sponsorship and generosity of time of ourt members we have been able to amass a number of the cab fittings, some original, and associated items, highlighted in blue in the key above and as listed below in their current status:

Regulator handle - Machined and completed  Bossman Games kindly sponsored 

Manifold (Original) - Awaiting overhaul
Klinger valve x4 -  Machined and completed
Klinger shut off valve x2 - Being machined
Manifold cab labels -  Awaiting machining
Water gauge extension arms x2 -  Awaiting machining
Water gauge protector x2  (Original) Overhauled
Steam pressure gauge (Original) -  Awaiting overhaul
Steam generator castings -  Awaiting machining
Blower castings - Awaiting machining
Sander castings - Awaiting machining
Axlebox lubrication oil boxes  x2 castings - Awaiting machining
Speedometer (Original) - Awaiting overhaul
Steam supply valve to steam reverser (Original) - Awaiting overhaul

We regularly have opportunities available to sponsor the purchase, casting and machining of key components for 35011. For details on items currently available contact Simon Shutt here