35011 Twenty Twenty Club Winners roll

35011 Twenty Twenty Club Winners Roll

Welcome to our 35011 TWENTY TWENTY CLUB Winners Roll, this page will be updated with the winners every month.

Congratulations go to: 

September 2021- 1st Prize - David Taylor2nd Prize - Denise Sexton, 3rd Prize - Derek Preece

August 2021- 1st Prize - Simon Strachan2nd Prize - Peter Nicholson, 3rd Prize - Paul Millard

July 2021- 1st Prize - Chris Mileman2nd Prize - David Oborn, 3rd Prize - Andrew Collett 

June 2021- 1st Prize - David Oborn2nd Prize - David Taylor, 3rd Prize - Denise Sexton

May 2021- 1st Prize - Andrew Collett2nd Prize - Chris Mileman, 3rd Prize - David Oborn

April 2021 1st Prize - Steve Rapley, 2nd Prize - Andrew Stokes , 3rd Prize - Simon Strachan

March 2021- 1st Prize - Paul Millard, 2nd Prize - Simon Strachan, 3rd Prize - John Anthony Jackson

February 2021- 1st Prize - Allan Bott, 2nd Prize - Paul Millard, 3rd Prize - David Taylor

January 2021 -  1st Prize - David Oborn, 2nd Prize - Simon Shutt, 3rd Prize - Allan Bott

December 2020 - 1st Prize -  Chris Mileman, 2nd Prize - David Oborn, 3rd Prize - Andrew Collett 

November 2020 - 1st Prize - Chris Mileman, 2nd Prize - Steve Raply, 3rd Prize - Simon Strachan

October 2020 - 1st Prize - Dereck Preece, 2nd Prize - Simon Strachan, 3rd Prize - David Oborn

Winners will be contacted direct and received payment by either Bank Transfer or Cheque to their home address and the name of the winners will also be published in the Society’s Members Magazine ‘The Packet’ and on the Society’s Facebook page 


The Rules for the 35011 Twenty Twenty Club can be found here.

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