With the project starting in 2016 the Society has been able to take advantage of YouTube and other video sharing platforms to document her restoration in video form. The Society would like to thank all the video makers for documenting all our volunteers hard work.

Watch the restoration process in the videos below.


Work preparing GSN for her move at the Sellindge Railway Yard 23/02/2019

GSNs move on BBC Points West


Volunteers painting GSN on the 5/5/18


35011 Progress report 28/10/2017

Earliest known footage of GSN in 1947

A compilation of footage of GSN On The Move 14th & 15th April 2019

Work on the locomotive 23/2/19

Our Chairmans footage of the move 14th & 15th April 2019

Work on GSN at Blundson


First working lamp